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Experience the power of blockchain technology as HedgBet empowers traders to reach new heights in their trading journey.

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Elevate Your Trading Experience with HedgBet

HedgBet is an innovative blockchain-powered social trading platform that empowers users worldwide, providing them with advanced features like copy trading, staking, and token swaps. HDGBet empowers users to maximize their investment potential and engage in a secure and transparent trading environment.

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Never Pay for Losing Trade

We will refund the users if the trade goes awry.

Trusted Blueprtint

Made your trade easy with our traders' blueprints.

Account Statistics

Users can track their trading statistics easily.

Top Traders Board

Displays the top traders, which changes depending on their performance.

Safe & Secured

We enable 2 Factor authenticator data and account safe and secured.

Easy & Accessible

Made crypto markets more accessible than any other trading platform.

HedgBet Roadmap


An exciting journey of continuous development and innovation, bringing enhanced features, partnerships, and cutting-edge technologies to HedgBet for an unparalleled trading experience.


August 2023

1000 HDG Holders

Website + socials

Verify/Audit Contract

Hedg Swap

Hedg Staking



September 2023

5000 HDG Holders

Launch HedgBet Test Net

Launch Multi Purpose HedgBet


October 2023

10000 HDG Holders

First CEX Listing

Launch HedgBet MainNet

Transparent Assessment

Ranking & Accountability

Our proprietary Proof-of-Rank algorithm ranks traders based on multiple variables, leveraging the blockchain's immutable ledger to quantify their prediction performance. This ranking system assigns intrinsic value to Blueprints based on track record.

Birth of account

Number of successful Blueprints


Unique contributors

Amount of HDG Tokens earned

Account age of contributors

Winning Streak

Automated Trading

How It Works

HedgBet simplifies social trading by connecting users with experienced traders, allowing them to effortlessly copy trades and execute them automatically for a seamless and user-friendly trading experience.

Step 1

Get HDG Tokens

Traders and Users can acquire HDGtokens from an exchange of their choice.

Step 2

Stake HDG Tokens & Create Blueprint

Traders stake HDG tokens when they create their trading prediction or "Blueprint". platform.

Step 3

Unlock Blueprint & Await Expiry

Users can unlock the prediction details by purchasing the Blueprint, they will then wait for the Oracle to resolve the Blueprint at the time of expiry.

Step 4

Blueprint Outcome

The HDG tokens are automatically distributed to the Trader if the Blueprint is correct. If the Blueprint is incorrect, the tokens are returned to the User.


Instantly Trade Your Tokens

Our swap functionality enables you to seamlessly trade your tokens with ease. Enjoy the convenience of instant and secure token swaps within our platform. Whether you're diversifying your portfolio or acquiring new assets, our swap feature ensures quick and reliable transactions, empowering you with full control over your investments.


Earn Rewards by Staking Your Tokens

Maximize your token holdings with our staking feature. By staking your tokens in our secure staking program, you can earn attractive rewards while contributing to the stability and security of the network. Start staking today and watch your holdings grow effortlessly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which wallets can I use to buy on UniSwap?

MetaMask & Trust - **Metamask most recommended**

Which Network is the HDG Token on?

Ethereum Mainnet (ERC20)

How to buy HDG tokens with Metamask?
  1. Create a metamask wallet
  2. Add the ERC20 network
  3. Transfer ETH into metamask
  4. Go to or
  5. Connect your MM wallet
  6. The "from" is ETH and "to" is the HDG token contract ( can be found here, just copy and paste
  7. Choose the amount of ETH you want to use to buy HDG
Can’t buy more HDG due to Output Error

Change slippage to 5% or increase to resolve output error

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